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Wilson NXT Control 16/1.32 mm (String Service)

Wilson NXT Control 16/1.32 mm (String Service)

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You pay both for strings and string service. Select the number of kg.

Wilson NXT Control brings the crisp precision of polyester to the iconic NXT string line, home to some of the most popular and comfortable multifilaments of all time. With its alternating bundles of firm polyester filaments and soft nylon fibers, NXT Control gave our playtesters something they don't always get from a multifilament: excellent control on the biggest turns. In addition to the control, we were also impressed by the feel. Although quite comfortable, this firmer and refreshingly crisp version of the NXT came with a reinforced connection to the ball. The result for our test team was more confidence when adding tempo or flirting with the lines. Ultimately though, we believe that the NXT Control offers an impressive level of control while still managing to retain much of the touch, comfort and responsiveness that the NXT range is known for.

In practice:

Deliver the racket in the hall (the clubhouse outside in the summer) in the rack marked "Deliver your racket here", and choose the number of kg/lbs. Then take a picture of your racket above.

You will also be sent an email or SMS when it is finished. Then it will be in the rack marked "Get your racket here". The racks are outside the grid and the shop and can be picked up when it suits you.

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