Parking Asker Tennis

Asker Tennis Club has an agreement with P-Norge to manage the parking solution at the outdoor courts. P-Norge already manages much of the parking at Risenga for Asker Municipality.

Parking for ATK members   

All parking spaces at the outdoor courts will be available to members of ATK for free parking for up to four hours per day using the EasyPark app.  

To gain access to free parking, the following applies: 

  1. All ATK members over the age of 18 can register two cars each. Adults who have children who are members, but who are not members themselves, can also register two cars. 
  2. If you do not need to register two cars, you cannot register other people's cars under your name. Violation of this may result in you being deprived of the right to free parking. 
  3. To register your car, send an email to and state that you or your child is a member of ATK, your name (or your child's name) and a maximum of two car numbers. 
  4. P-Norge will check this against our member lists and register the sent car number in the EasyPark system. Three working days must be expected for such registration. 
  5. When your car number is registered in the system, you can park for free by entering the EasyPark app and selecting tariff group 3663 and choosing your parking time, a maximum of four hours per day. Tariff group 3663 will only be available to ATK members with a car number registered in the system. 
  6. You will be notified in the Easypark app 15 minutes before your four hours expire (provided you have not switched off the notification function in your profile in Easypark). If you wish to extend the parking beyond four hours, you will be charged NOK 30 per hour for what exceeds four hours. 

The club also has a number of P-Cards available for lending to those who, for various reasons, need to stand in the car park for longer periods of time. These P-cards must be left visible in the windscreen. The cards must be returned to ATK after use. 

Paid parking spaces    

To avoid the parking solution becoming a cost for the club, we have chosen to make the part of the parking area closest to the entrance (along lane 5) also available to paying customers. These customers will use tariff group 3662 in the EasyPark app and pay NOK 30 per hour from the first minute. For paid parking, the law requires that there be a payment machine, so a machine will be set up where you can pay by card or Vipps.  

ATK members can still use the tolled area along lane 5 and park there for free for four hours by using rate group 3663 in the EasyPark app. We recommend that everyone first check the two lower parking areas (along lanes 1 and 3) and park there if there are spaces available. This will free up the chargeable parking spaces for paying customers and provide important income for the club. 

If a member is to play with a non-member who comes with their own car, the non-member must park in the tolled section and pay for the parking, 

Control and fines  

P-Norge checks the area daily and fines those parked incorrectly. ATK members can, among other things, be fined for not having registered the car in the parking solution, not registering the parking time in the EasyPark app, staying over the allowed time without paying, or parking outside marked parking spaces. 

All questions about the parking solution should be directed to P-Norge on telephone 400 16 121 or e-mail   

Complaints about any fines must be sent to the address given on the yellow form.