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Asker Tennis Club was founded on 26 May 1931, and today has around 750 members. Asker Tennis Club started with 1 court, then 2 courts, but eventually demand became so great that the club invested in a new outdoor facility with 9 gravel courts at Nedre Bleiker in Asker. A number of years later, the desire to create an indoor hall where you could play in the winter became very strong and on 23 September 1990, Asker Tennis Club opened its new indoor hall.

Asker Tennis today has an outdoor facility (Bleikerveien 64) with a total of 9 gravel courts and a massive indoor hall (Brages vei 4) with 4 carpeted (velour) courts. Altogether, the club has 13 courts and can be considered one of Norway's largest facilities.

Development of Asker Tennis

We are trying to change the club more towards a user-friendly and automated tennis club with everything in one place. We are therefore in a development phase with many plans:

  • Step away from all 3rd party suppliers and rather create our very own system that makes it easier for both you and us.
  • Renovation of the facility outside and inside with new furniture, design and room distribution by Asker Tennis
  • Replace manual services with automatic ones such as an online store and several self-service solutions.

Asker Tennis Butikk is also part of Asker Tennis's new renovation project. On the occasion of a new store, a new online store has also been started. Today you can both book private lessons, but also buy balls and tennis equipment on the same website!

We do all this so that you as a member and customer will have a better experience of the club!


Asker Tennis

Our employees


Mikael Joakim

day manager askertennis

Sportsmanship Responsible

Daniel Tomter

sporting official askertennis

Sales and marketing manager and Club coordinator

Oskar Johan Hov

sales manager askertennis

Tennis coach

Eric Rochette

tennis coach2

Tennis coach

Kjell Henry Hustad

Tennis coach

Theodor Weidenhain

tennis coach1

Tennis coach

Joar Mundal

tennis coach3

Tennis coach

Victor Rochette

The board at Asker Tennis

Chairman of the board

Lasse Hammer

Deputy head

Jan Frisk

Other board members

Dagfinn Mundal

Mette Freisner Johansen

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Minutes from board meetings 2023:

Minutes from board meetings 2024:

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