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Wilson Burn 100 V5.0

Wilson Burn 100 V5.0

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For those who love to dominate from the baseline and deliver shots with precision and power, Wilson's Burn 100 is a superb choice. This tennis racket is specially designed to give you the optimal power to settle the important points in style. With its traditional 16x19 string pattern, it gives you a very good balance between powerful strokes and precision.

With its amazing construction composed of carbon fiber and a reinforced frame stability, the Burn 100 V5 is ready to unleash impressive speed on all your ball hits and strokes. You will feel the power and energy that is transferred directly from the tennis racket to the ball, which not only speeds up the ball but also gives you a sense of self-confidence and thus a clear advantage over your opponents.

The Burn series is known for giving good spin and with its head-light head, the racket offers good maneuverability and increased control.

Also comes with a color changing design.

Product information:

- Weight (unstrung) 300 g
- String pattern 16x19
- Head size 100 in²
- Length 27.0 inches

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