Adult course waiting list

Adult course waiting list

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Here you can order a free product so we can put you on the waiting list for adult courses. In the note next to the shopping basket, you can write a little about yourself and what level you are in tennis.

Level 1:

For those who are new to tennis. Here we review basic ball control, positioning and basic skills such as forehand, backhand and serve

Level 2:

For those who have played enough to have basic skills and basic ball control. You master a safe serve, a safe forehand and a safe backhand at a leisurely speed

Level 3:

For those who have mastered playing point games with good control. You have good control of the ball in most situations, even in motion. Control is limited when the speed increases and you lack control over tempo changes (putting on or taking off speed from the ball).

Level 4:

You master all situations in the game technically and tactically. You work on details in your game and work out clearer choices and a clear playing style (find out what your strengths and weaknesses are) and refine this.

Level 5:

You handle all situations well and like to compete. You compete and use competitions to learn more about how you can develop further as a player. At this level, development is about testing, developing understanding and improving physical skills.

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