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Head Hawk Control Power 1.25 mm Black (String Service)

Head Hawk Control Power 1.25 mm Black (String Service)

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You pay both for strings and string service. Select the number of kg.

When you put these strings on your racket, you should already have things under complete control. Thanks to the innovative Crystal Core technology, a manufacturing process that makes it possible to influence each string's individual balance between power and control, the HAWK TOUCH monofilament string has a larger crystalline inner core responsible for providing the ultimate control to your game.

Designed for high-level tournament players, the string's elasticity provides accurate feedback and exquisite feel, allowing you to follow your all-around game and perfectly control every stroke and end game. If high-level control is your game, HAWK TOUCH is your string.

In practice:

Deliver the racket in the hall (the clubhouse outside in the summer) in the rack marked "Deliver your racket here", and choose the number of kg/lbs. Then take a picture of your racket above.

You will also be sent an email or SMS when it is finished. Then it will be in the rack marked "Get your racket here". The racks are outside the grid and the shop and can be picked up when it suits you.

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