Ny coach i Asker fra 22 august!

Ny coach i Asker fra 22 august!

Fra 22 august har vi en ny trener i Asker. Han heter Tiago och kommer från portugal. Vi ser spennt fram emot att kunna få ta del av hans kunskap som bland annat förbundstrener i Portugal och även hans kunskap inom fysisk trening. Vi hälsar Tiago varmt välkommen till Asker Tennisklubb!

Her under er en kort presentation från honom själv.


Tiago Cavalho profil

Hello, my name is Tiago Carvalho, I am a Portuguese coach, i play tennis since I was 10, when I started my learning in this sport, which enjoyed immediate and even today I consider one of the most beautiful and spectacular sports . To my 18 years I went to University to study Physical Education, but my passion was tennis and I started teaching and study at the same time. I worked in 3 clubs since i am a coach, also, some years as a companion coach of young players from Portugal and three years as National coach of Portugal under 12, 14 and 16 girls. Also some years traveling in women’s professional circuit with a Portuguese player.
After several years traveling I chose stay more in my club, in my town and I have been dedicated to the formation and development of tennis in this city.
I decided to find a new goal and project, Norway is consider on of the best places to work and the opportunity for that and here I am trying to help my fellow coaches to make Asker tennis club even a  bigger club, also that i can bring more people to play and above all can make happier all who seek the tennis something healthy, attractive and which is your favorite sport to practice throughout his life.

Hope to see you soon 🙂

Best regards