Dugnad NC14 13.5.-15.5.

Dugnad NC14 13.5.-15.5.


Dear Members!

We are very happy that ATK is going to host NC 14 next weekend! We are going to see some of the best u14 players from the country trying their best to win. To being able to make this tournamnet go smoothly we need your help!

There is lots of things to do around the tournament. Helping in Kiosk, Helping out on the courts, Making food for the players, Grill duty…This is where we need your help. In the document bellow you can sign up on free spots, where you want to help out. 

ATK Dugnad Tournaments Sign-up

If you have some questions regarding this, don`t hesitate to write on tennis@askertennis.no

Thank you!

Team ATK